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The right approach to data - that works for you

Launching ERGs is one thing. But how do you track progress and monitor impact? And as an ERG grows, what can you do to use technology to ease the burden on ERG and D&I  leaders?

A data audit - to create a clear data strategy

So you have ERGs. And they are active. How do you measure their impact over time. Our approach covers four stages (each of which we can support you with):

  1. Data Audit - helping you define the data you have access to. What can you measure and how might you prioritize what you gather?

  2. Benchmarking (and ERG Maturity Models) - how do you measure up compared to other organizations? What are they doing with their ERGs that you could learn from? We also use our ERG Maturity Model to map where your ERGs sit and where there might be areas for focus and/or investment?

  3. Data Strategy - reviewing the different approaches you could take and filtering options to create a clear data strategy for your ERGs. This will allow you to create a clear vision of what and how you measure impact.

  4. Dashboards and reporting - creation and monitoring of dashboards to report back on progress and areas for focus. This includes support to assess third party technology solutions that might be available to you ERGs and Employee Networks.

We also provide data and benchmarking advise for Diversity & Inclusion teams, which looks more widely across the organization at the data you have, what you can gather, the systems in place and how you might create a clear data strategy and dashboard to measure your impact.


Contact us for more information

For more information or to sign up to take part, please contact us at or book a time to speak with us.

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