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Leadership Development 

Every good ERG strategy should have targets for skills and leadership development at its heart. As well as promoting open and inclusive workplace cultures, ERG networks are a great place to harness your employees’ potential, offer them rewarding self-development programs - as well as positively enhancing their workplace satisfaction and sense of well-being. 

Whether new to ERG roles, or experienced leaders, we are experts ensuring ERG leaders have the skills and confidence to drive change effectively and motivate their teams. Working with HR, D&I leads and ERG program managers we create leading in-house development programs to upskill ERG leaders, sponsors and champions. 

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The services we offer include:

  • Customized ERG skills training and leadership development | During sessions we use polls and chat groups to track questions and engagement. We also ask attendees to fill in feedback forms (typically online).

  • Coaching programs to give ERG leaders the skills and confidence to excel | We also run mentoring programs - senior managers paired with diverse team members to build trust, openness and understanding of different perspectives. 

These are an excellent way to support you and your Network/Group leaders to have impact. If you are interested to find out more, please do get in contact.

Contact us for more information

Please contact us at or book a time to speak with us.

 I’m still hearing great feedback on your ERG summit. We will definitely want to host another ERG summit next year and open to the entire ERG leadership team.

ERG Program Manager, Global Luxury / Retail

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