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Why do bad thoughts triumph over good?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

This is a great Freakonics episode. It is so easy to focus on (and remember) the negative. Whether that’s a bad experience you had; the one perceived negative line in a review or being sensitive to the supposed critical comment in an off-hand comment.

If you feel you focus too much on the negative (based on the concept of our ‘lizard brain’, if you want to look that up 😊), then maybe these will help: - If you do start getting stuck on the negatives, list down all the positives you can think of as well - recognising what you do well. - Write down what you are feeling and talk about it, message or email someone. Whatever works for you – but don’t let the negatives derail you. - Negatives can be powerful drivers of change – if you do focus on them, work out ways you can learn and move forward in a way that works for you - Finally, if you notice something that annoys you in others, you have a choice: be open, honest and talk to them – give them space to work out how they feel and respond in a way that works for them - or, use the mantra as is quoted in the podcast “‘Every once in a while, it helps to be a little deaf” (Thanks Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s Mother-in-Law!)

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