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Most Resource Groups and Employee Networks are run by volunteers.  We know the role is hard and can often require both specific skills and balancing time.

Our aim is to help committee members build the skills required to run a successful group, including remaining positive and resilient.

Resource Group Academy

Our Resource Group Academy, delivered online, provides you and your networks with focused time to: build Resource Group-specific leadership skills; plan for success – and measure impact; keep on top of best practice and build confidence and momentum to deliver.

With ‘Foundation’ and ‘Advanced’ options, as well as the ability to bolt on 1-2-1 coaching, the sessions introduce key concepts to being a successful leader – that grow with you. This keeps energy and engagement levels high and gives leaders time to focus on setting and achieving clear objectives – to then grow in confidence year by year (as an individual and as a Resource Group) each year to have a measurable impact.

Over four sessions, the program covers:

‘Foundation’ (typically Year 1) - the building blocks for success:  your own leadership style; managing volunteers; setting out a clear strategy; brand, communications and positioning of the group; growing and engaging members; working with sponsors/champions; collaborating to have a greater impact

‘Advanced’ - acting as an effective leader: personal resilience and remaining positive; keeping momentum throughout the year; building aspirations for the Resource Group; authentic leadership; influencing to build the case for change; acting as a role model; succession planning; understanding what you’ve learned for your own career development

Cohorts start every 3 months, so contact for details

Often staff network leaders step up to the Chair role because they are passionate about the agenda and driving change in their organisations, not anticipating the challenges of running a committee, and usually without much formal leadership training and development. The Impetus series responds to the most common challenges for Network leaders, from dealing with stress and wellbeing, recognising the skills you’ve learnt, building engagement and Ally-ship to succession planning.  They have really helped me to think in a fresh way about my role and to recognise that I was not alone. I highly recommend his series to any Chairs and companies who want to support their networks development.

Co-chair, BBC Embrace

Thank  you for running the best BRG program in town. The sessions have been a constant source of expertise and have indeed made me realise the potential of D&I and Resource Groups

Co-chair, Gender Network, Warner Music

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