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Dealing with culture, people, change and diversity & inclusion (D&) can be difficult. Building from a solid understanding of your specific situation, our programs are all tailored to build understanding and focus on positive change to make an impact.

All of our programs are bespoke and built for each client. With backgrounds in organizational change, diversity & inclusion, learning & development, psychology, market research and in-house business strategy roles, we work with clients on the following types of programs:

·       D&I strategy and planning

·       D&I training and coaching – for executives, team leaders, new joiners and D&I professionals

·       D&I program design and delivery – from process re-design to mutual mentoring

·       Cultural and Inclusion Audits

·       Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Some examples of the consultancy services we can offer:

D&I 'on-call' - as D&I continues to evolve, the expectations to include elements of wellbeing, belonging, engagement, culture and more technical analysis (such a pay gap reporting) will also continue to grow.

Wherever you are on your Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) journey, you may want to give your executives access to high-quality D&I advice, coaching and best practice. Or you need support to drive D&I-related activities, but without the need to hire more full-time staff.

We can help:

  • Pull together, sense check and refine plans

  • Analyse key data to give a clear picture of where you are

  • Review latest best practice to provide inspiration for the future

  • Manage critical projects - from planning to delivery

  • Act as an interim / virtual D&I resource


Mutual Mentoring - Break down barriers between colleagues to drive openness, understanding and trust

Our mutual mentoring programs are a fantastic way to drive engagement and understanding. The objective is to have senior executives work with someone with a very different perspective / background on a particular business challenge. We facilitate the initial sessions to help set the path for a strong mentoring relationship and over 3-6 months, the pairs not only work with someone very different, but they also share experiences and end with a project plan related at a D&I challenge.


It’s a great program that drives understanding, empathy and behavioral change.

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