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Peer Group Forums

Everybody learns in different ways. For those wanting structured learning, but with others, we run peer group forums that provide a space for leaders to connect, learn and be inspired together.

Our Forums meet 6 times a year, for 1-2 hours, the focus is:

  • Focusing on a new or emerging concept, or best practice

  • Latest research and case studies presented

  • Peer-group discussing on potential impact and practical take-aways 

  • Peer Groups of up to 12 to ensure discussion






A forum to bring together leaders overseeing Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Leaders as smaller cohorts to focus on upcoming, or complex issues and learn with peers.


With new research and best practice presented each sessions, Forum members have the opportunity to get headspace to think ahead, as well as reflect on their own learning and development and how this is put into practice.


Details: Meets 6 times a year in multiple timezones – focused on best practices for those overseeing Culture, Organizational Development, HR, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) efforts

Culture and D&I Forum.png

Many more organizations have team members responsible for overseeing ERG activity across strands. The challenges for these roles vary, but can include understanding strategic planning, communications, building frameworks and policies, influencing and leading volunteers.

Details: Meets 6 times a year over 60-120 minutes – focusing on best practices for those overseeing ERG Program Management. Provides a development and networking forum for ERG Program Managers to share best practice and excel.

ERG Program Manager Forum.png

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ERG Program Manager Forum

Are you responsible for ERG programs across your organization? We hold a forum six times a year with a community of ERG Program Managers - from across countries and industries.

We discuss best practice and strategic thinking for planning, delivery and career development.

Our forums are an excellent way to support your Network/Group leaders to have impact and stay motivated. If you are interested to find out more, please do get in contact. 

Contact us for more information

For more information or to sign up to take part, please contact us at or book a time to speak with us.

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