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Keeping focus on Diversity & Inclusion progress is a challenge. But there are options to harness expertise and insights from both within and outside your organisation.

Having an external Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board is an effective way to bring diverse expertise to:

  • Support and challange your board and executive team

  • Keep a focus on setting (and then achieving) a clear Diversity & Inclusion strategy

  • Inspire management and team members across the business

We bring a bespoke solution, helping you set up, reruit and run an Advisory Board.

For those wanting to build an internal Dviersity & Inclusion Council, these also have significant benefits. Built to engage both leaderships and representatives from across the business, Diversity & Inclusion Councils will ensure:

  • Leaders and employees feel engaged in driving Diversity & Inclusion witin the business

  • Drive internal understanding and change

  • Find, develop and harness positive role models across the business

  • You reflect your own culture by involving team members from within

We have the experience to help set up, engage and provide strategic support and training to get best from Diversity & Inclusion Councils and their individual members.

For more information please contact us.

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