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It's very easy to say you have a great culture.

As a small company, we try and ensure that every team member is clear on how their role feeds into what we are doing as an organization. Purpose can exist in many forms and our view is that culture is built by giving people clarity and allowing them to do great things as they develop. And this is what we strive to achieve.

We recognise that conversations about inclusion, diversity, behavior, sustainability and 'the future and workplace experience are often very personal, so we strive to conduct ourselves with integrity, respect for others, and honesty. We look to ensure all voices are heard and valued and that individuals feel comfortable sharing their views and experiences. This is balanced with challenging some of the perceptions we might hold to help us all reflect, learn and modify behaviour to play our own part in moving towards ever more inclusive cultures.

For clients, we try to avoid offering 'off-the-shelf' solutions. The vast majority of workshops and discussion sessions we run, as well as projects, programs, and training we have delivered are tailored specifically to our clients, so the outcomes are focused on being most relevant in order to have an impact.

Even for the courses we run, we make the effort to speak to as many attendees as we can beforehand so we reflect their input into each session.

We work a lot with associates and freelancers. And as such, we know they all have a choice as to who they work with. So the fact we have a number who have worked with us a lot, makes us feel we must be doing something right. We hope!

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Patrick Voss


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Dale Simon OBE

Senior Consultant

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Shannon Rivers

Senior Consultant

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