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In any transaction, due diligence is a critical element. Whether focusing on financial, operational, regulatory or understanding management.

The value of Cultural Due Diligence
But as all parties have an incentive put a positive gloss on how cultures are aligned, ensuring teams are supported to work effectively together post-transaction is critical to make the the deal a success. And understanding the cultures you are dealing with and where they may need support to be most successful together is often overlooked.

We provide a clear outline of key elements of company culture - and a tailored 100 day plan so you have a solid plan of action to get the most from any people-based businesses are brought together.

Post Merger Integration

The value of many deals can unwind where there is a clash of cultures. Systems are one aspect, but if teams do not work smoothly together, this can cause major issues. Post merger, having a clear plan to engage teams and allow them to feel part of the process will lead to a speedier integration and faster realisation of the value of any merged entities.

We create and work to a 100 day plan to maximise engagement and minimise disruption post deal to ensure the focus on clients, services and employees stays front-of-mind. 

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