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A focus on Diversity & Inclusion allows you to widen your talent pool and build a culture that allows everybody to achieve their best. But it can be a daunting subject.

Any approach needs to balance the investment you are able to make with the impact it will have on your organisation, employees and the wider community. With our mix of subject matter expertise and commercial insights, we can help you achieve this.

We can help you with:

•  Training and Workshops – From an introduction to the topic to specialist sessions to change processes, perceptions, culture and behaviour.

•  e-Learning - Want an effective way to get everyone to the same level of understanding? Our e-Learning modules cover core Diversity & Inclusion topics (Introduction to D&I, Psycholigical Safety, Incusive Leadership, Bias and My Brain, Microaggressions and Allyship).

•  Data & Benchmarking - Reviewing your data to assess hotspots, benchmarking and helping you set a clear strategy.

•  Train-the-Trainer - D&I best practice and building confidence in challenging beliefs – including HR up-skilling.

Employee Resource Groups/Networks

We have built a niche in providing leadership development, coaching and support for ERG/Networks committee members, sponsors and champions.

Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Behaviours


We all have biases. Some are conscious, some are unconscious,  and our behaviours and language follow a similar pattern.

Our sessions help you understand how bias might affect your thinking and decision-making. We also run focused sessions on behavioural awareness and the implications it has in an organisation.

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