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Giving Employee Network and ERG Leaders Skills to Deliver

All of the businesses we work with are passionate about the power of ERGs and the impact these can have on their cultures. But they often need support to help their ERGs and ERG leaders excel. We have tailored our services to help businesses address target these two issues, and we provide numerous options for anyone wanting to work with us, in accordance with their needs and financial constraints.

We provide bespoke consulting and internal training programmes tailored specifically to your needs. Additionally, we provide a variety of peer support services and one-on-one coaching programmes. 

Services we deliver: 


  • Visioning and creating clear frameworks for ERG set-up, effective delivery, including program design and delivery | Consulting methods include alignment workshops and 1:1 interviews. 

  • Research on ERG success stories relevant to your business area to aid learning and business case development. Methods include web-based research and conducting sample interviews. 

  • Bringing together your ERGs (and their Sponsors) can be extremely valuable. We can plan, design, and deliver host summits with you. Extremely useful for tackling governance, alignment, development and culture change goals (especially across different territories). 

  • Benchmarking your ERG strategy – we can benchmark your ERG strategy against other industry leaders in your field. Using research, alongside insight from your own ERG communities, we can highlight gaps, challenges and prioritization strategies. We would also advise on areas for investment using this data. 

“Patrick and the team are exceptional and gifted individuals with a refreshing passion for organisational change. They run thought-provoking sessions related to diversity and inclusion and ERGs. Their work has been invaluable to our continued journey to becoming a more diverse and inclusive organisation.” 


D&I Lead, Public Sector

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