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There has been a substantial shift in focus on ESG issues across corporate agendas and the markets. Addressing how your organization is actively assessing ESG compliance, risks and impacts are crucial in engaging with your stakeholders and the communities you are in.


From developing your own ESG roadmap to comparing ESG performance against your peers, our approach provides you extensive support as you navigate through the constantly-changing ESG trends and demands, and guides you on your ESG journey so that your company and the world can have a more sustainable future.



Data Capture & Analysis - Capturing the emissions data you have for Scope 1, 2 and 3 is often the starting point for organizations on their sustainability journeys. Working with our expert partners, we support you to capture data in a way that makes sense to track and analysis your environmental impact over time. We are also able to advise on tracking impact of social / community programs.

Benchmarking A formal review of where you sit against key competitors, as well as the frameworks that exist that would make most sense for you to consider aligning against including: 

  • ESG Audit and Benchmarking analysis of best practice and competitive analysis to provide you a clear ESG performance overview and identify areas for improvement.  

  • Review and alignment to key ESG benchmarks that makes most sense for your organization.  


A clear roadmap - Review and working sessions to:  

  • Assess with you your current state of play for ESG activities (with interviews of the key stakeholders in the business) and how this links to your Purpose and business strategy. 

  • Create a simple ESG roadmap, that is tailored to your business, with ways to monitor/measure (based on what you are currently doing and any investment you want to make). 

  • Plan and agree priorities/area of focus, following the strategic direction set by the board, as well as an outline of clear steps to get these priorities moving. 


ESG Governance reviews, Audits and Monitoring: We will support you, your board and management team to: 

  • Assessment of your Governance structures and processes and the effectiveness of these – both at board level and through the organisation 

  • A deep dive report into current regulations and frameworks relevant to your industry and organisation 

  • Full audit of your ESG activity and monitoring to independently verify progress against targets 



Report writing to tell your story - ESG reporting is a crucial indicator of your organization’s overall performance, and the reports can present the foundation for a storyline on the impact your organization has on the world. 

  • Create an annual Report (including online content), to highlight your organization’s ESG storyline. This can be used for internal and external stakeholders to showcase the work you are doing, your progress and the roadmap for the future. 

  • Specialist ESG support – Across our network we have specialists and advisors across all aspects of ESG support, from understanding and aligning to global frameworks, building strong purpose and technical implementations of sustainability, social impact of effective governance procedures. 

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