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Perhaps you are merging teams, or maybe you just want to sense-check what your culture actually is? We use a proven methodology to dig into a company's culture and ‘how things are done around here’. 

1. Quantitative and qualitative methods to give a full picture of your culture
Using surveys, assessments, interviews and observation, we provide a clear outline of the prevailing culture (inc. systems, power structures, behaviour etc), as well as subcultures that exists across your organisation. 

2. Inclusion and Belonging Audits

A growing area of focus is to understand the specific experience of under-reprented communities, alongside how employees across the organisations would define their sense of belonging. As well as targeted survey questions and interviews, we also use the latest academic research to hone how we ask questions to give participants the best chance to reflect on their experience.
3. Moving towards 'Honest Culture'

These are then used to pinpoint cultural and D&I change efforts and develop effective learning and development programmes to evolve the culture where needed.

They also allow you to have honest conversations about what you say culture is and how this actually plays out in real life.

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