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Mutual Mentoring and Diversity Coaching for Impact

Mentoring with a focus on diverse perspectives is a powerful tool to drive change in an organisation. 

Setting up mentoring groups for success is critical to ensure they are comfortable and open to listening and learning.  

Our coaches and program leads are selected based on how they might work best with each organisation-to get the most from their mentoring programs. 

Their focus is to build trust and confidence so participants have the understanding , empathy and language to excel. They can also support tracking progress-to bring the program to life. 

Our aim is to help you excel at living and breathing inclusion-across your business-to built an open culture where differences is both recognised, celebrated , and fully integrated.  


Our Coaches

James Jones (US)

I have over 23 years of Diversity and Inclusion experience. My background is as a Vice President, then as Senior Vice President, Education and Diversity Solutions at NAMIC (National Association for Multi- Ethnicity In Communication) for 14 years.

Jackie Green (US)

I am a former Chief Diversity officer at EMC and the Dell. In addition to consulting, executive coaching and helping corporation implement strategies and best practices, I am a dynamic speaker-hosting national and international conferences.

Claire Harvey (US)

I bring years of corporate, regulatory, public sector and third sector leadership experience, and an impressive record of impact and achievement through positive disruption and culture change.

Dale Simon (UK)

I am a qualified barrister (currently non-practicing) with over 20 years’ experience of in the public sector and criminal justice system (including extensiveexperiencein childabuseprosecutionsand policy development).

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