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Impetus is a consulting firm dedicated to helping organisations across the world understand and build leading-edge cultures, with diversity & inclusion at their core. 

Impetus provides businesses with the expertise required to drive impact and foster a culture of inclusion, delivering project management, research and training. For clients, we try to avoid offering 'off-the-shelf' solutions. The vast majority of projects and programmes we have delivered are tailored specifically to our clients – from tailored leadership sessions, to programme design and delivery to facilitated workshops and training -  so the outcomes are focused on being most relevant in order to have an impact.

We collate and share relevant research, articles and best practice from leading institutions to help companies across sectors keep up to date with the latest developments and practices.  Covering language, behaviour, leadership and engagement, our insights will help your business build the inclusive cultures and leadership you need to be commercially successful, with diversity and inclusion fully embedded.


With our broad range of expertise and experience, Impetus will support you in building a culture of progress and inclusive leadership.


We produce a monthly newsletter covering latest research and topical discussion points. You can sigh up here:

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