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A starting point - Diversity Data and Benchmarking

With Diversity & Inclusion, knowing where you are, what is having an impact and where to focus next is key. Using market research best practices, we collate data, surveys and interviews to provide a deep-dive of progress against your D&I strategy. This can be used to create a heat map of progress and highlight areas of concern, as well as to benchmark you against your industry and the market.

Why do it and what are the benefits?

Diversity audits examine workplace culture issues, including those related to protected characteristics like race, culture, gender, sexual preference and religion. We can also look at broader issues, from engagement, language and behaviour – all critical aspects that impact building a culture of inclusion.

By examining the data you have in a diversity audit and benchmarking against peers and best practice, you generate a clear roadmap for action and send a powerful signal about your workplace culture and priorities.


How does it work with Impetus?

Audits take time and effort, so we start with working with you and your leadership team to understand and align our approach to your business strategy and the real-world situations you are facing. We then research the different tools and data points we could use for your organisation and suggest the most effective for getting what you need from an audit.


What might an Audit involve?

Diversity Audit and Benchmarking provides a strong foundation
to shape your strategy. The types of activities we focus on are:


  • Tailoring the audit to match your strategy and what you need to build a strong plan that has impact

  • Organisation-wide Diversity, Inclusion & Culture surveys to capture high-quality qualitative and quantitative data

  • Interviews – From the board and senior management, to a selection of talent across the business

  • Key HR and people data that you hold: statistics, insight, survey results and trends

  • Best practice from other peer and market-leading organisations

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