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Leading Change often requires a varied mix of tools, practical academic models, experience, persuasion, resilience and grit.


At Impetus and Momentum, our core is understanding and driving change. We have two unique offerings to support those leading change:

LEADING CHANGE FORUM - an online forum for change leaders to meet, share successes and challenges, reflect on best practice and academic models and build a network. Ideal for those looking for an inspiring change community. MESSAGE US HERE TO ENQUIRE.

LEADING CHANGE TRAINING - we also run a training course for aspiring change leaders. Understand the fundamentals of change and how to be successful in planning and delivering MESSAGE US HERE TO ENQUIRE.


Topics covered in Leading Change include:

  • The Drivers for Change

  • Setting clear goals and planning

  • Making the case and getting buy-in

  • The role of Culture

  • Project Management

  • Change and Communications

  • Leading through Change

‘Patrick is great to work with. He understands how to quickly engage with the Board and identify the strategic drivers for an organisation. As well as setting out clear options for debate, once a course of action is decided, he excels as generating energy around the right approach to deliver and make an almost immediate impact on the business. I’ve worked with him (and seen him work with many other teams at all levels) deliver a number of projects that have significantly changed the culture of our organisation, in a positive, engaging way for all stakeholders.’


Global L&D Director, Professional Services

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