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Conversations about Culture, Inclusion and Diversity are not always easy. And supporting colleagues to understand the perspectives of others, challenge their own thinking and behviour and drive change are critical to get 'right'.

All of our programs are designed to make the content relevant – to your organization and to your colleagues – so that they: learn about themselves; can challenge thinking and can understand the role they play in driving change.


As well as stand-alone sessions, modules can also be linked together to create development tracks, or allow groups/teams to build on knowledge over time, whether for senior management, people leaders, new managers or Employee Network/ERG leads

We offer a range of training options, from introductory sessions to set the scene, through to tailored programs from board-level down. More module details are below, but these include:

  • An introduction to Inclusion & Diversity

  • Understanding Culture and bringing it to life

  • Facilitated board and team leader discussions

  • Diversity Coaching

  • Unconscious Bias

  • Psychological Safety

  • Inclusive Recruitment

  • Inclusive Leadership

  • Difficult Conversations

  • Managing Change

If you have any training or coaching needs please do make contact for a discussion.

Further module details:

Inclusion and Diversity

  • An introduction to Inclusion & Diversity

  • Bias and me: Understanding what our different biases might be and how we then recognise, respond, and react

  • Recruitment and Interviewing: Ways to recruit for difference, as well as managing the interview process to recognise and mitigate bias

  • Psychological Safety and  Inclusive Leadership: Creating workplaces where all employees feel empowered to speak up and learn how to respond effectively and leaders proactively manage and model ‘inclusively’

  • Diversity Coaching (and mutual mentoring programs): One-to-one and group support for leaders to build confidence engaging with inclusion and diversity topics, as well as diverse communities

Vision, Mission and Values and Culture


  • Refreshing the Vision: Workshop(s) to define and set clear Vision, Mission and Values as a leadership team

  • Understanding culture: Get under the skin of what your culture is and the employee experience

  • Culture and Clients: Unpicking how  your culture impact the work you do – and your relationships with clients/customers

Leadership and management skills

  • Understanding my leadership style: Becoming a more effective leader by recognising the style(s) you use and ways you can harness these

  • Managing teams and clients: Managing projects, one-to-one and group conversations to get the best from team members and client relationships

  • Positivity in the workplace: Managing personal stress and team members using positive psychology

  • Dealing with change: Understanding and positioning change to achieve buy-in and a successful outcome

Employee Networks and ERG/BRGs leaders

Building on a foundation of leadership and management skills, we run sessions across leadership and skills development, including:

  • Strategic planning (Setting goals, aligning to your organisation, measuring impact)

  • Managing volunteers and getting them best from them

  • Influencing for success

  • Brand and marketing a Network/Group

  • Building your CV as a leader

  • Succession Planning to handover smoothly


‘Patrick is great to work with. He understands how to quickly engage with the Board and identify the strategic drivers for an organisation. As well as setting out clear options for debate, once a course of action is decided, he excels as generating energy around the right approach to deliver and make an almost immediate impact on the business. I’ve worked with him (and seen him work with many other teams at all levels) deliver a number of projects that have significantly changed the culture of our organisation, in a positive, engaging way for all stakeholders.’


Global L&D Director, Professional Services

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