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Facilitated Mentoring and Set-Up to Build Success

Successful career development requires much more than technical and job-related skills. Typically, crafting a successful career requires effective communication and other soft skills, professional relationships and networks, and a career vision.

Many professionals fail to move up the career ladder even while excelling at their jobs because they lack some of these important competencies. However, a mentor can help professionals develop some of these extra-role skills and build key relationships; being a part of a mentoring relationship can be transformational for early career professionals.

Mentoring is a longer-term relationship lasting at least 9 months, typically between more experienced professionals and their mentees. The main purpose of a mentoring relationship is the continual development of the mentee, although there are other benefits.

The mentor acts as a trusted advisor to the mentee, and supports them in developing new skills, navigating political environments, challenging ideas, and encouraging career development. Most professionals who make it to the executive level cite mentoring as an important contributor to their career success.

  • ​Focusing on developing - and showcasing - key skills and capabilities required for promotion

  • Building confidence to recognize key skills and master them

  • Growing mentees professional network and proactively raising their profile

  • Understanding and supporting carers goals for mentees

  • Develop leadership understanding and mentees own authentic leadership style


Set up for Mentoring Success with Impetus and Momentum

Mentoring programs often start due to internal demand.  But they can lose traction where the program doesn't have a clear goal, or training is not provided for mentors and mentees.

Our mentoring offering includes support to agree on clear goals, set-up mentoring pairs for success by providing facilitated mentoring train and support and use of our mentoring system to track progress and keep mentoring relationships productive.

If you want to see impact with any mentoring investment, let us help you have the best chance of success to change careers and lives.

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