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Lillian Chin


ERG Sponsor / Champion

Lillian has been the Executive Sponsor for one of Marlborough Chapter since 2017.  Her passion for fostering a positive culture within PEARL ERG has been truly remarkable.

Through her unwavering commitment to championing the ERG's initiatives, this sponsor has created a platform for underrepresented voices to be heard and valued.  She leads by example.

Through supporting culture/heritage events, educational programs, mentorship initiatives and community outreach, together with her local teams, they have extended the impact of the ERG beyond the office walls, created a ripple effect that reaches far and wide. Her commitment to talent development has been a driving force behind the growth and success of our ERG.

Her leadership embodies the spirit of excellence. Let us acknowledge and appreciate the power of leadership that goes beyond mere titles. Our extraordinary ERG sponsor has exemplified how one person's passion and dedication can transform a workplace into a beacon of equality and understanding.

As we move forward, let their impact inspire us all to contribute to the positive evolution of our organization and society at large. 

Lillian Chin
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