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Luca Condosta


ERG Program Manager

Luca has done extensive work done in growing the LGBTQ+ program at ABB moving from awareness to actions, to changing policies and activating allies to step up.

Some KPI to show progress includes:

- Pride month attendance (2.5K people in 2021, 2.6K in 2022 and 3.5K in 2023)

- Code of ethics reviewed and benefit policies to be fully inclusive on LGBTQ+

- Reverse mentoring program in place

- ERG groups in US, Brazil, Chile, MX, Europe, Poland, India

- External campaign with other companies in CH to show support and advocacy on the topic

- Partnership with MyGwork to actively recruit LGBTQ+ members

- Internal trainings to remove unconscious bias

- Upskilling program for ERG starting in 2024

Luca Condosta
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