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There is always pressure to 'do' things and drive activity as a D&I practitioner.  But how do you know what actually has an impact over time? And how do you balance strategy with delivery to build a successful base of knowledge and best practice for your future career?

The Inclusion Academy

Our Inclusion Academy is a D&I practitioner program that puts together a small cohort of practitioners to explore current and future D&I topics - using a critical eye to assess academic insights into what actually works, as well as assessing real-life best practice.

In six half-day sessions over six months, you will hear from experts on the following:

  1. Setting a clear Inclusion & Diversity strategy - and linking with my organization's strategy

  2. Effective use of data: and ways to measure and monitor success

  3. Linking Inclusion to values, culture and managing change

  4. Best practices for driving impact for under-represented groups and marinalized communities

  5. My own leadership style: setting myself up for success, but understanding my own approach

  6. Influencing and bringing people with me: Managing up, across and down

Run with small cohorts of 10-15 each quarter, with the option for addtional 1-2-1 coaching you will have the chance to study best practice, hear from recongized experts and build your own perspective of what 'excellence' looks like.

If you are looking to build your career as an Inclusion expert, this is the program for you.

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