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We run a series of forums and calls - where we look at current trends, share examples of best practice and and create strong communities of peers.  These groups include:

  • ERG/Employee Network and Affinity Group monthly calls: Focusing on upskilling by providing insight and discusion into how chairs, co-chairs and D&I leaders can help their Networks and Affinity groups shine. Two calls are held each day to cover all timezones. Details are on our event page.

We also run forums for:

  • D&I/Culture/HR leads: Held every 6-8 weeks, with discussions focused on current high-prioirty topics. Please make contact for detail and to be added to the invitation list.

  • Non Executive Director (NED) Culture, Diversity & Inclusion Forum: NEDs pay a crucial role in provide support and challenge to organisations around their culture, as well as the approach (and success) and reporting of Diversity & Inclusion efforts.  Our forum brings together NEDs to learn together, share experiences and forge future best practices to take back to their boardrooms.

For more information on any of our forums, please contact

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