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Panel dicussion - DICE research and news forum (Diversity, Inclusion, Culture & Engagement)

In our quarterly discussion panel, we dive into the latest Diversity, Inclusion, Culture & Engagement research and news. We discuss topics from:

- Modesty, women's fashion and the workplace

- Dealing with micro-aggressions - when it's you who have used sloppy language

- The lag between ommunications around diversity at executive level and the rest of the organisation

- The unintended inclusion issues of hybrid working

- Drawing straws to actually ensure the final hurdle is fair for all candidates

Watch the video here:

Our fanatastic set of panellists were:

  • Dr. Doyin Atewologun - Doyin is Dean of the Rhodes Scholarships at Rhodes Trust (Formerly Director of the Gender, Leadership & Inclusion Centre at Cranfield School of Management). A Chartered Business Psychologist, Dr. Atewologun is one of the foremost experts on leadership and intersectionality in organisations in the UK.

  • Katie Jacobs - Katie is the CIPD’s senior stakeholder lead, responsible for building a community of HR leaders and designing and delivering a stronger proposition for this group. Before this role, Katie was an award-winning business journalist and editor, including as editor of HR magazine.

  • Professor Reina Lewis - Professor of Cultural Studies at London College of Fashion.

Charles Wynn-Evans from Dechert LLP will be our contributing expert employment lawyer and the discussion will be facilitated by Patrick Voss

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